is a new Android web browser.
Improve your reading and browsing experience, online translator, and offline mode.

  • A: It is a fast browser,
  • B: it has 'Offline mode',
  • C: 'Trimmed reading mode', and
  • Dee: having DeeReader.
  • Dee Browser is not "A Browser" it is "The Browser".
  • Download it

  • If you want to save a page to read in offline mode, there is 'Save Web Page (offline)'

  • If you need to trim a web page from images and unnecessary items to read the text, there is 'Trimmed Reader.'
  • If you would like to read text 'word by word' or any number of words in a flexible font, color and speed, there is 'DeeReader.'


  • Built-in Blocking Ad
  • Built-in translator powered by Google Translate
  • Integrated support for Orbot (Tor, Onion) and I2P proxies
  • Extract the text of web pages for speed and precise reading
  • Save web pages for offline reading
  • Private browsing is available everywhere
  • Free and will be free

is fast, and reliable with clean code.

The browser has two modes: DeeBrowser and DeeIncognito.

  • The two modes are available everywhere on your phone
  • Built-in Blocking Ad
  • Built-in translator powered by Google Translate
  • Built-in features to support I2P and Orbot (Tor, Onion) proxies
  • Powerful and easy to use bookmark manager.
  • Comes with different themes and rendering options
  • Easy tab management

Save webpages
for offline reading or future access

Read easier
and smarter

  • Trimmed Reading removes unwanted content and just grabs the relevant text out of web pages for reading. In Trimmed Reading environment fonts are adjustable and night mode reading is available.

  • To improve reading experience, DeeReading is a way to read a text phrase by phrase with customized font and delay.

  • In DeeReader environment, there is an Explorer available to explore text files on your mobile phone or to pick the text in the clipboard.

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